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Now Coming To Shopping Malls: Homedoki Deal a Partnership with Transmart Group

Now Coming To Shopping Malls: Homedoki Deal a Partnership with Transmart Group

JAKARTA Bond stronger network with business to business partner (B2B), this year Homedoki progressively gain awareness from a wider target market of audiences from Transmart. The partnership aligned with Homedoki's path for expansion throughout the country. Gaining more awareness on offline channels also plays an important role for Homedoki, and providing Transmart product differentiations.

With over than 30 malls all over Indonesia and still developing more to come, Transmart has meticulously planned the deal altogether to meet Homedoki’s ambitious strategic plans. Working closely with Transmart, each project will efficiently and effectively gather more visitors and sales, ensuring brand awareness in the most possible way.

Transmart as a shopping center also creates a dynamic contemporary shopping experience that brings together hypermarkets, entertainment, food & beverages, fashion, and more all within a place. Transmart which has a wide length of SES market of the audience has played the role to provide public facilities for social interaction; fully understanding the tendency of the market who want to visit the mall to enjoy the attractions.

Homedoki is expecting to extend brand awareness with the decision of making the partnership. Considering the behavior of the audiences, the primary function of malls is no longer just a place to shop. The function dynamically changes and affects the mall industry based on the lifestyle trend. Shopping malls that offer various attractions, like Transmart, will provide experiences for visitors that are suitable for Homedoki's ideal. The goal is to strengthen the grip on the market, with confidence to reach even wider audiences.

On deeper observation, the average occupancy rate of malls is more than 70% of the vast majority of citizens in big cities, amid the online shopping trend that skyrocketed during the pandemic. Safe to say that the economy is generally viewed as recovering in the capital since the rise of occupancy occurs from lower to premium-class malls in Greater Jakarta.

Both Homedoki and Transmart are committed to serve with great product quality and excellent services to the consumers. Further promotions and special offers from Homedoki in Transmart will be updated on all Homedoki social media channels, from Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok and @homedoki_store.

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