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Integrating Online-Offline Business, Homedoki Established Crazy Monday Program

Integrating Online-Offline Business, Homedoki Established Crazy Monday Program

JAKARTA Homedoki's special promotions and big sales program “Crazy Monday” officially launched this year. Integrating the promotion both in offline and online stores, Homedoki offers a wide range of product variants to satisfy more consumers. The program is not only meant to encourage more consumers to buy the products but also to improve brand awareness among the target audience.

Available in all Homedoki Indonesia both online and offline channels, all across the platforms, Homedoki offers more than 10 SKUs every week with discount prices of up to 70%. Switching the products every week, Homedoki expects the program could reach out to all segments.

Track down to the past, that brick-and-mortar stores usually do Black Friday just like e-commerces do Cyber Monday. However, Homedoki Indonesia discovers it is more beneficial to merge both online and offline stores to give the audience an in-store-and-online shopping experience. Homedoki devotes to upscaling the market reach, not only online but also to offline visitors.

It is well known that consumers hunt for such weekly promotions for several motives. Homedoki purposely operates the program every Monday, understanding that many people are hesitant to spend their off day just to wait in long lines to get a bargain. Crazy Monday by Homedoki provides a convenient way for consumers to get the best deals through both online and offline stores.

For further information regarding Homedoki CRAZY MONDAY's best offering in all over our online and offline channels, visit and keep updated on Homedoki social media channels and @homedoki_store 

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