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Acquired 1.5 Billion During The 11.11 Big Sale Festival

Acquired 1.5 Billion During The 11.11 Big Sale Festival

JAKARTA - Ranked to be one of the top furniture brands in marketplaces, Homedoki Indonesia flourishly won customer enthusiasm at the 11.11 Big Sale festival on Saturday (11/11/2023). Homedoki Indonesia managed to sell thousands of pieces, more than three times the usual days. Delighted to see the spirit of the customers, Homedoki Indonesia is committed to providing excellent services to reach customer satisfaction.

"To increase customer satisfaction, we are committed to fulfilling customer satisfaction through an omnichannel market strategy,” said Homedoki Indonesia Brand and Marketing Manager. “By offering various coupons and deals run across channels; which in both online and offline stores, we want to make our brand experience becomes a competitive differentiator.”

With a consistency of making better brand experiences, Homedoki Indonesia also develops deeper customer relationships. Eventually, the effort will not only translate to organic sales funnels but also drive sales pipeline growth. With a combined endeavor of a brand in every stage of the funnel, it will evoke the customer or even a new buyer to remember Homedoki as the top of mind for furniture and mattress company.

Homedoki Indonesia also acknowledges that customer preferences are constantly changing, which means that the customer journey changes instantly. Through researching the customer behavior, Homedoki understands their market audience preferences. Cost-efficient and suitable for Indonesia’s market reach and live streaming features became the main factors for the success. Extra vouchers can be claimed periodically (12.00 to 14.00 and 20.00 to 00.00). In addition, the community's current purchasing power for furniture products is quite adequate, which is another factor driving Homedoki's sales.

Since its beginning in Indonesia 11 years ago, the Twin-Date Sale has become one of the most significant events for many parties, including merchants, customers, and the platform itself. Now it even emerged its influence on social media platforms. Towards the end-of-year sale, Homedoki also wants to express gratitude to all the loyal customers. Homedoki will continue to strive to present the largest selection of products and attractive promotions and offers to meet customer needs.

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