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Homedoki Going Festive! Exhibit in Indonesia’s Biggest Family Community Event Through Pesta Warga 2023 by Bapak2ID

Homedoki Going Festive! Exhibit in Indonesia’s Biggest Family Community Event Through Pesta Warga 2023 by Bapak2ID

TANGERANG The more the merrier, as Homedoki Indonesia believes in embracing a bigger market in Indonesia by joining Bapak2ID's first festival, Pesta Warga 2023. Well-known as the biggest father & family community in Indonesia with more than 1.4 million followers, Bapak2ID is dedicated to bringing the Indonesian local neighborhood as the main theme of the event. Being one and the only furniture company that was trusted to participate in the event, Homedoki Indonesia successfully gathered mass to liven up the event.

Not only displaying the hot products in the booth, Homedoki entertains to gladden the visitors. Held on 28-29 October in Hall 6 ICE BSD, Pesta Warga 2023 was one of five events that were held in the area. Promoting both Homedoki Furniture and Homedoki Sleep, the estimated number of visitors to this event reached up to 40.000 people.

“We pursue the festival theme accordingly by assembling several experiences to draw people over and engage with them in an amusing and homey way,”  said who is in charge as Local Marketing Manager for Homedoki Indonesia. From lucky dip boxes to gaming stations, every visitor is allowed to partake in the fun at the Homedoki booth. “We also did small karaoke and take mini wheels for attractions,” she added.

To prepare for the exhibition as outstanding as people, Homedoki Indonesia set up the booth as in most Indonesian living rooms; where every family usually gathered and had warm meetings. Take advantage of technology, Homedoki Indonesia set up a large LED screen to show off social pages and promotion videos and offer free-to-play Nintendo on-site. More than a hundred people participated in the Homedoki booth. 

Getting invited to participate in such an event was truly a remarkable experience for Homedoki Indonesia. Following Pesta Warga 2023 main theme which is in line with Homedoki’s values, Homedoki Indonesia also promotes cost-efficient functional and minimalist home furniture that reaches a wide market of Indonesians. In recent years, many Indonesians have had severe problems dealing with high-quality furniture at affordable prices. Homedoki influenced the public that designing a house in profound ways is possible for any market. 

“We want to emphasize the experience for all the citizens, so we’re expecting that anyone who comes to our event will go home with anything insightful,” said Nuang and James Jan Markus, founders of Bapak2ID. “Though we branded our community as a family community, this festival is inclusive for everyone. Through this event, we are hoping any brand that participated could broaden their market reach as well.” 

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