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Homedoki Acquired 1.2 Billion During 9.9 Twin Date Sales Festival

Homedoki Acquired 1.2 Billion During 9.9 Twin Date Sales Festival

JAKARTA Homedoki Indonesia received 1.2 billion rupiah in revenue and over than 2500 orders in a day during the Twin Date shopping festival. Ranked to be one of the top furniture brands in marketplaces, Homedoki Indonesia ballooned its revenue through 9.9 Twin Date Sales festival. Homedoki joined the campaign the whole day in every marketplace.

In line with Homedoki Indonesia’s target market reach, it is no longer a secret that customer behavior in Indonesia really indulges in online coupons and offerings. According to the Indonesia Data Portal, 54.9% of Indonesian internet users do online transactions because of this factor. The 9.9 Twin Date Sale festival offering in all marketplaces favors Homedoki Indonesia sales remarkably.

Equally important, the livestream feature on the marketplace plays an important role too. Performed well during the twin date, Homedoki unveiled the pristine quality of each of the products in real-time to both potential and loyal customers. In terms of the type of products and the growing online retail in Indonesia, Homedoki already had a clear picture of the growing popularity of the furniture industry in e-platforms. 

“Everything was measured but to know that we exceeded the target, we are also pleased with all e-commerce platforms that support us today,” said Gabrielle, who is in charge as Local Marketing Manager for Homedoki Indonesia, “it is important for Homedoki Indonesia to leverage the brand’s popularity through vast campaign offering for the business.”

The online shopping festival in Indonesia has skyrocketed in the past decade. In cumulative for over 270 million of the population with rising internet penetration all over 17 thousand islands, Homedoki sees it as an opportunity to increase sales from e-commerce. Peculiarly the 9.9 Twin Date Sale festival is supported by the marketplace, Homedoki acquired over 1 billion rupiah just in a single day. It is achievable for Homedoki Indonesia to stay ahead of the curve and drive sales in this rapidly-growing market.

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