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Homedoki Partnered with Dekoruma with Shared Business Vision This Year

Homedoki Partnered with Dekoruma with Shared Business Vision This Year

JAKARTA Bond a stronger network with a business-to-business partner (B2B) this year, Homedoki progressively gain sales from partnering with the furniture marketplace, Dekoruma. To ensure the partner’s satisfaction and organizational profitability, both Homedoki and Dekoruma shared the same vision in business; which positively influenced the success of the partnership. Both companies are steadfast to achieve consumer satisfaction.

Dekoruma has vision rooted in their business, To bring your dream home comes true where your best life begins.” in the hope for people not only to live in their house but to make it a home. Rhymes with Homedoki’s vision, “Life Deserves Better” which has a major role and ambition to fulfill the market demands and solve the housing problem in society; indicating a healthy relationship built within the partnership.

This fundamental reason becomes the core pillar of this partnership. A study found that a lack of shared and clear vision played a major factor in the failure of ambitious partnership goals; both Homedoki and Dekoruma profoundly acknowledge and anticipate this. This shared vision offers advantages that address how both companies cooperate and sustain the business practice.

As what lies at its core, Homedoki and Dekoruma develop the harmony through periodical reevaluation in procedure with two indicators. By objective indicators, the growing sales performance was set with goals that would be achieved; ultimately the achievement enhanced Homedoki's strategic position. Through the affective indicator, satisfaction with the furniture marketplace channel that Dekoruma provides for the consumer determined the profitability.

Covers the industry by application (home furniture, office furniture, and others), Homedoki expects to see more both sales increase and awareness towards the brand by partnering with Dekoruma. Not only utilizing the channel, Homedoki actively contributes to each campaign and promotion that Dekoruma provide.

For further information regarding Homedoki promotion and the best offering in Dekoruma, visit and keep updated on Homedoki social media channels and @homedoki_store in Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok

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