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Demand Surge, Homedoki Upgrade New Warehouse More Than Twice Bigger

Demand Surge, Homedoki Upgrade New Warehouse More Than Twice Bigger

TANGERANG The high demands from the market push Homedoki to elevate its capacity to satisfy the customers. By upgrading the warehouse to 5000m2; more than twice bigger as the current warehouse, Homedoki expects to broaden the variant of the furniture; adhere to the market request. The increasing sales despite the pandemic outbreak prove that Homedoki was able to reach out to a wide range of markets. 

Referring to the existing report, the sales growth in Homedoki since the second half year of 2022 increases significantly and is able to maintain the growth each quarter in 2023. Enthusiastically participating in various online campaigns for the marketplace, Homedoki's decision to upgrade the warehouse is to anticipate further sales increment.

With the increasing amount of orders due to the trend of online shopping, the need to expand the warehouse can’t be avoided. The warehouse capacity should be in-line based on the increase in demand forecasting. This is the third warehouse upgrade for Homedoki.

Currently, Homedoki approaches the market by offering small to medium size of furniture. Now it aims to expand it with larger furniture with different styles, ensuring to cover nationwide. “After generating well-enough profits, we still need to continuously penetrate the market and develop both products and capacity,” said Heri Sunarto, Head of the HR Department and Country PIC.

“Now that we already fulfilled the needs of the market during the pandemic, we are enthusiastic to completely fulfill the whole range of the market in Indonesia; we are open to exploring more potential,” he added.

Business that bloomingly performed, is easy attracts market competition. Considering the annual cost and revenue, it seems imperative for Homedoki to expand; both for the fulfillment and storage capacity. Moreover, real estate and housing companies growth rising in the past 5 years and furniture demands will go along as time goes by.

In pragmatical gesture, Homedoki has in prospect to gain 2,5 to 3 times revenue by the end of 2023 with innovative product experimentation and business strategy. Heri and the whole team are already prepared for further development, “we are all very anticipative to provide the needs of the market, especially with new products that are suitable with buying power of the market target.”

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